Hello and a warm welcome to the site I’ve made commemorating  ASP-1 Da-Nang, Viet Nam and it’s inhabitants. I was a very young marine when I reported for duty at the 3rd Marine Division, Force Logistic Support Group Alpha (FLSG-A ), as a 2311 Ammo Tech. Fancy name for a hazardous duty, heavy lift, stock clerk. When I was shipped to Okinawa from Camp Pendleton in late March of 1966 I was just shy of my 18th birthday. Due to a rule that a person must be older than 18 to serve in Viet Nam, I had to spend a few weeks at Camp Hague in Okinawa snapping in on BC Street. For once I wasn’t a bitching marine and soon acquired a big smile! On April 12, 1966, my 18th, the Marine Corps gave me my shipping orders to Viet Nam. On April 19th I embarked on an old LST 1159 the Tom Greene County arriving in Da-Nang on the 25th of April 1966. After Receiving my web gear, M-14 rifle, and accessories I was trucked from FLSG-A  across Route 1, through Dogpatch , and finally up into ASP-1. The following pages will provide you with photos and commentary for the time I spent and the jobs I did while attached to the ammo dump. All photos are mine except where named. Click on any of the small thumbnail photos to view original size photos then your browsers            back/return button when finished viewing the photo. If any of you are planning to go back to Viet Nam or even thinking of it I can heartily recommend without reservations a former 1/3 Marine, Bill Ervin. Bill and his wife Anh run affordable tours custom designed to your personal needs from Ho Chi Minh City and the Delta in the south all the way north to Hanoi. Bill has links for contact on his web site:   http://www.billinnam.com                                                                               I do hope you enjoy my project. Semper Fi Mike Dybus