Fox, from NC, next to me at the swimming hole.
Hogbin, I think from Philadelphia. he taught me the tricks of the trade. More importantly, the scenic route to Red Beach and it’s diversions.
John Heide Where Are You??
You Too Tom Sawyer! Where are you??
Sam Perugini
A very sad note. Sam received his final orders in 2005.
Sam and 2 unknowns     Wayne Rhodes
Sam and Pineapple    Wayne Rhodes
The one on the right of me is Brian, on the left I can't remember.
An "unknown" 2311 ammo tech  on maneuvers.
The following photos kindly donated by Joe Capozzo except where noted.
The Man Himself Joe Capozzo. Eating, by the way, the Marine Corps Birthday cake I cut!
Gary Blum
Garcia filling sand bags at Red Beach
Vernon "Pineapple"  Kaiwie                Rubino   
Ron Layton
  Wayne Rhodes and a sample of his handiwork    Wayne Rhodes  
     Podgurski  Wayne Rhodes
1. Boyco 2. Brooks 3. Heintz 4. Angel
ssgt Williams (Wayne Rhodes)
The rest of these Ammo Techs are looking for names.
Who is the 2311 peeking out from behind Joe?
#3 is "Pineapple"
Wayne Rhodes kindly donated the following.
Since I was the youngest in the dump I cut the Marine Corps Birthday cake with the oldest.
       Huey Wayne Rhodes
“Charlie” The Barber He did everything for us      cutting hair, washing uniforms, developing photos,    or anything else he could make money from.
Joe Capozzo